Our Vision


"Our entire team is intensely passionate about helping people achieve their financial dreams. We relentlessly drive toward this common goal every single day." — Trent Grinkmeyer

Trent and Valerie’s vision of Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial began in 2004 when they noticed that their clients were repeatedly coming to them with a common dilemma: “My employer won’t offer me guidance on how to invest my 401(k) account, and I need your advice.” With nearly $2 trillion invested in employer-sponsored retirement plans, an underfunded social security system, and the knowledge that Americans simply weren’t saving enough, Trent and Valerie set out on a mission to improve the chances of retirement success for their clients. By going directly to employers who sponsor 401(k) plans, they created a comprehensive advisory program to offer engaging and specific education and advice to 401(k) participants, while simultaneously addressing employer concerns surrounding fiduciary responsibility, investment committee guidance, plan design and compliance, vendor negotiations and benchmarking, and more. Today, Trent and Valerie feel they are seeing measurable and meaningful results amongst their clients and are extremely proud of the success and reputation of Grinkmeyer Leonard Financial. Despite their achievements, they hold steadfast to their vision and seek to continually improve the level of advice and services offered to their clients.